Herman Mashaba – Biography, Age, Wife, Contact Details & Net Worth

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Herman Mashaba

Herman Mashaba – Biography, Age, Career, Salary & Net Worth

  • Name: Herman Mashaba
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Politician
  • Date of Birth: 26 August 1959
  • Nationality: South African
  • Net Worth: An estimated net worth of $100 million

Herman Mashaba (born 26 August 1959) is a South African entrepreneur, founder of a cosmetics company, Black Like Me, politician and former Mayor of Johannesburg.

He was born in Hammanskraal, South Africa. His company, “Black Like Me”, was launched on Valentine’s Day in 1985 with a R30,000 loan from his friend, businessman Walter Dube.

Herman Mashaba Age

He was born on the 26th of August 1959 in Hammanskraal, South Africa. As of 2021, he is 62 years old and celebrates his birthday on August 26th every year

Herman Mashaba Wife

Herman is currently married to Connie Mashaba and together they have two children, Khensani Mashaba and Rhulani Mashaba.

Herman Mashaba Professional Positions

  • 2008 – Present: Non-Executive Director at Stefanutti Stocks Holdings Limited.
  • 2008 – Present: Deputy Chairman at Growthpoint Properties Limited.
  • 2006 – Present: Independent Non-Executive Director at Edcon Holdings (Proprietary) Limited.
  • 2004 – Present: Non-Executive Director at Metboard Properties Limited.
  • 2002 – Present: Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Leswikeng Minerals & Energy (Pty) Limited.
  • 2002 – Present: Chairman of Consolidated Power Projects (Pty) Limited.
  • Non-Executive Director at Black Like Me (Pty) Limited.
  • Non-Executive Director at Business Development, Aerosud Holdings (Pty).
  • Non-Executive Chairman at Buildingworks Group Limited.
  • Chairman at Stocks Building Africa (Pty) Limited.
  • 1985 – 2004: Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Black Like Me (Pty) Limited.
  • Non-Executive Chairman at Consolidated Infrastructure Group.
  • Non-Executive Director of SEA KAY Holdings Limited.

Herman Mashaba Awards

  • 2005: Honorary Award by UNISA for Outstanding Entrepreneur and Leader in the Business Environment.
  • 2003: Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership by Henley Management College.
  • 2001: SABC/Tribute Achievers Award.
  • 1994: Marketing Person of the Year by the Institute of Marketing Management.
  • 1994: New Nation/Engen Businessman of the Year.

Herman Mashaba Net Worth

He is believed to have an estimated net worth of around $100 million.

Herman Mashaba Books

  • 2017: Black Like You: An Autobiography.
  • 2015: Capitalist Crusader: Fighting Poverty Through Economic Growth

Herman Mashaba Contact Details

Tel: 011 407 7309

Email: hermanma@joburg.org.za

Herman Mashaba Twitter

Herman Mashaba Salary

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Herman Mashaba Instagram

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