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Zindzi Mandela (born 23 December 1960) was a South African ambassador to Denmark and the president of Mandela-Msomi Trading Enterprises.

She was born in Soweto, South Africa, and is the daughter of Nelson Mandela and Winnie Madikizela Mandela.

Zindzi Mandela

Full Name Zindziswa Mandela-Hlongwane
Date of Birth 23 December 1960 (59 years old)
Gender Female
Spouse Molapo Motlhawja
Occupation Ambassador
Nationality South African
Net Worth $1 million

Zindzi Mandela Age

Zindzi Mandela was born on the 23rd of December 1960 in Soweto, South Africa. As of 2019, she was 59 years old. She died on the 13th of July 2020

Zindzi Mandela Husband

Her first husband was Zwelibanzi Hlongwane. She married her second husband, Molapo Motlhawja when she was 52 and he was 37. Motlhajwa is a member of the South African National Defense Force.

Zindzi Mandela Children

Zindzi has four children: Zoleka Mandela, (1980), Zondwa Mandela (1985), Bambatha Mandela (1989) and Zwelabo Mandela (1992).

Zindzi Mandela Siblings

She has the following siblings;

  • Nelson Mandela – Father
  • Winnie Madikizela Mandela – Mother
  • Zenani Mandela – Sister
  • Makaziwe Mandela-Amuah – Sister
  • Makgatho Mandela – Brother
  • Thembekile Mandela – Brother

Zindzi Mandela Education Background

  • She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Law- English literature and politics from the University of Cape Town.
  • She attended Waterford Kamhlaba College.

Zindzi Mandela Career

  • 2008 – Present: President of Mandela-Msomi Trading Enterprises
  • 2007 – Present: Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Zendj Holdings.
  • 2006 – Present: Public Relations and Marketing at Luendo Holdings (Pty) Limited.
  • 2004: South African ambassador to Denmark.
  • Non-Executive Director at Primovie.
  • 2008: Partner at CLAZ Ventures.
  • 2004 – 2008: Business Development Director at MHMJ Concepts.
  • 2000 – 2004: Managing Director at Zee Zee Promotions.
  • Director at MHMJ Concepts.
  • Director at LoveLife.

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Zindzi Mandela Salary

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